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Take a Hike! -Hm, I Could Really Use Some Time Off 🍫🧠😊

 A smartphone is a quite useful tool in our everyday lives. But (way too?) often it serves as a tool to escape from this reality. To escape from the worries, problems and challenges of the real world. Just a peek at the display to check for any new messages does a great help to disappear from the eyes of others when we feel too uncomfortable. Or insecure. Or not worthy. Or.. any other sad way, actually. 🙄

😬 Just because we feel too insecure of ourselves, we feel OK to connect and reach out to people virtually. 👌 But when it comes to simply making a phone call to ask for help or (even worse!) to offer help, it doesn’t feel that OK anymore. I mean, it is waaaaay easier to continue scrolling and seeking fun and entertainment than trying to fix the leaking toilet 🚽 (true story, btw 🤦‍♂️). 

But (way too?) often we are not aware of the alternative option that passes by. The price we pay for living in virtual reality is living in the REAL reality. Which is also best known as simply “living”. And connecting. And talking. And feeling. And helping. And actually doing tings. Being together. Or being alone. Living.

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We are super happy that the guys from Campoff have made this point the foundation of their startup! They offer rewards to people who can bear the stress or uneasiness of not using their smartphone and actually spending time living in the real world. What brave people they are. 🧙‍♂

Use your time wise, redeem the same “time” for great products and services. Yes, you can also redeem your time for Brain Functional Bars. 😉 Think but be present to Life. 🙌

“Pleeeease. Just shut up and take a hike!” That’s the best reply we could ever get for this post. 🙂👍

We're all out for camping. 🔥 (except the CR people. Sorry, they stay 💻). See you there! 🦝

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