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Brain ENERGY Bar - the All-Good BadBoy

Brain ENERGY Bar is made for health-conscious high-achiever and high-performer individuals to keep their performance at their best during prolonged physical and mental activity (now, what the hell was that?! Simply put it, it is meant for you when you want to be the best)

The natural ingredients provide great satiety, although the 30 g bar has only 108 kcal. It's a snack your Brain and your diet can afford to have. 👌

Dates make up the sweet part of the bars (😏 hey-hey, I'm talking 'bout the fruit here ), while cocoa (almost 4g per bar, hell yeah 🤟) does it job in adding the bitterness to your bud-experience (still 'bout food 😉).

Almonds are the main source of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, as well as plant based protein. Talking about plant based protein, hemp and flaxseeds both are PROs in this; They got this. 😎 So WE got THEM. 🙂 We signed them with 30 or more % protein + with all the valuable fatty acids (dude, the Omega-3s 😍) and fiber.


Finally, we get to the Brain-Loving part.  💛🧠

Caffeine (being the active ingredient in coffee and other stimulants) is probably the most (at least legally) consumed Brain, Body and Mind performance enhancer in the world. Nothing too special about that. 😛

But what makes caffeine so great in this bar, is its cooperation with his far East cousin L-Theanine (call him simply Lil-T). Lil-T is the active ingredient in green tea and together with caffeine they provide a great mix of their abilities.

Now, caffeine is notorious (B.I.G.ripfor giving a fast mental-kick and then suddenly leaving the show. Which then leaves the audience uneasy and shouting: "We Want Sweet! 🤘💋🤩 -oops, sorry, wrong genre; We Want More!"

In the meantime, on the far-East-Coast of possibilities we have green tea with Lil-T, which is best known for its valuable prolonged mood and productivity enhancing properties. L-Theanine kicks off slowly but has the capacity to hold a 3 or 4 hour long show, while gradually decreasing its effects and leaving the audience in your head (yes, the Brain) satisfied and calm.

The magic happens when these two Bad Boys are combined - you get a quick boost that will last the whole event and you will not be begging for more when caffeine and Lil-T are fully consumed.

As an extra, we have added an experienced special guest to the show - Mr. Ginkgo biloba (the BeeGee). He has centuries of know-how to help you remember and build memories stronger than ever. 🧙‍♂☯

All together, this combination of nutrients for your Body, Mind and Brain is the best to ensure your best performance and focus while maintaining your wellbeing in the long run.  💪🚀👌😇


Peace out ✌️

Karlis from [galvenais]



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