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What to Do With Your Memories?

This is a question that has been on my mind for months now. And it comes up once in a while with a new feeling of sadness and melancholy.

You have an experience. You collect it as a memory. It stays there somewhere in the corner of your mind. Time goes on, new events happen, situations change. Your Life moves you on. And the more time goes by, the somehow sweeter the memory tends to be. The more you look back at it, the nicer and dearer it feels. The closer to your heart it is. And the hurting point to me comes when I realize that my memory is not the same as for someone else. If we were a group of friends experiencing the situation together - some of the friends might not even remember that moment. For some that memory holds no value, for some it is gone completely. And at the end I realise that I am quite alone with my memories.

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I remember how I used to go to my grandmothers apartment in the middle of the day after playing outside. My grandmother used to cook me lunch, then read me old tales and stories from books of her childhood, scratch my back with her strong, pointy nails (it almost left red stripes on my back but I loved it and I still do now). All that until I fell asleep for a midday nap.

That is a memory that I share with my sweet grandmother. But what to do with it? The only person who was there with me and to whom my sharing would be relevant, is no longer here. I cannot share that memory with anyone else because it will play no real relevance to anyone else. Only to me and my grandmother who is gone for many years..

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And the additional saddening fact is that you come to a point in Life when you realize that.. your past is holding you back from moving on into the future. This means that my sweet memories and my dwelling in them is holding me back from moving on. The memories are there. They are in no way serving me right now but they are occupying space that would be necessary for something new to come in.

I want to create and live a beautiful life. How do I release the past that is sweet and beautiful but does not serve me anymore? That is simply not the reality of today, it has gone and passed. Even more, how do you let go of it, if you share the memory with someone who is not in your Life anymore? Whether a deceased one, an old childhood or school friend, an ex-partner, a distant or long-time-no-see family member or whoever it might be.




Everything that happens, happens for good.

Thanks for reading 💜


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