Your SuperPower is: IMAGINATION

We act (or fail to act) not because of will but because of imagination - quote by galvenais brainfood brain health energy memory supplements energy bars

We act (or fail to act) not because of WILL,

but because of IMAGINATION

If you think about it, then it is actually not the WILL that determines your  productivity or procrastination - it is your IMAGINATION. Your imagination is responsible for your drive and enthusiasm. When you feel like you don't want to do something, it is actually the imagination that is at fault and not that you don't have the will to do something. You have negative and detrimental thoughts and images in your mind that make you do not want to do and strive and thrive. Your imagination has fed you a negative image, you have not been conscious when it came into your mind and now you are run and ruled by it.

These negative thoughts and images are nothing that you would not already know - the simple thoughts of "Why change?!" or "It doesn't matter" or "I can't do it " or "I suck at this" or "I am a failure" or "There is no use of doing anything" or "Everything is fine, why should I even do something" etc

All these thoughts and ideas are responsible for you not doing and not achieving.

These thoughts do not come from a lack of WILL

➡ that means that you cannot overcome them only

with a stronger WILL!

These thoughts and ideas emerge from your IMAGINATION. And to overcome that, you have to use the same IMAGINATION to build new thoughts and ideas that propel you into growth, happiness and success.

Your IMAGINATION is key. 🙂🧠👈💛



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