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FOCUS Bars -box
FOCUS Bars -box
FOCUS Bars -box
FOCUS Bars -box
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FOCUS Bars -box

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No more after-lunch drowsiness or fatigue when you have a half a day to go!

Brain FOCUS Bar supports in:

⚡ improved alertness and memory

⚡ mental well-being 

⚡ cognitive functions  

It is a savoury & functional meal replacement

for your mid-day hunger

Except it is not a meal replacement. But still you can have it whenever and wherever you are.

There is always time to eat functional

Even if you don't have time. 

Nutritional information: 1 bar (30g) 100g
Energy 530 kJ/127 kcal 1767 kJ/ 423 kcal
Fat 6.2g 20.5g
    -of which saturates 0.6g 1.9g
Carbohydrate 12.7g 42.2g
   -of which sugars 8.3g 27.6g
Fiber 3.0g 10.0g
Protein 3.7g 12.4g
Salt 0.5g 1.8g


Ingredients: sundried tomatoes, almonds, raisins, dates, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, shelled hemp seeds, sesame seeds, guarana Paullinia cupana fruit standardized extract (equal to 300mg guarana powder), garlic powder, sea salt, different spices.

Guarana is an excellent source of caffeine, which helps you maintain focus and mental energy. As the caffeine is binded with the natural fiber, antioxidants, catechins and tannins of Guarana fruit, the absorption is smoother without the experience of caffeine jitters.

Low doses of guarana can improve mood, learning and memory.

The added 5 different seeds are full of healthy oils and fatty acids, fiber, minerals (such as Mg, Fe, Zn and P) that all provide a feeling of satiety that you experience from eating real food. 

Food supplement.

BRAIN FOCUS BAR tomato flavored bar with guarana and seeds.

Food supplement does not replace a wholesome and balanced diet. Not suitable for children and during pregnancy.

Daily dose: 1 bar. Do not exceed the daily dose.


Customer Reviews

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Brain FOCUS Bar - Focus on the Good

The "different" one. 😏 The sweet&savoury Brain FOCUS Bar deals with the midday hunger and the loss of focus following it.

Brain ENERGY Bar - the All-Good BadBoy

Brain ENERGY Bar is great 'cause the combination of caffeine and L-Theanine  provide a long-lasting mental boost and energy. 🚀

Why Focus on Brain?

If you feed your Brain well, you will begin to see it manifesting in your performance.

Brain RELAXING Bar - there's Curry & the Rest

We believe this to be one of the most functional bars out there. Really. RELAXING is meant to be taken seriously- both the bar and the action. 😉